Yoga Mind® Bridging Psychology and Yoga

Yoga Mind®

Release trapped emotions and painful memories stored in the body through this powerful Yoga Mind® practice.

Yoga Mind® is a unique and powerful yoga practice that helps you gain insight into the areas of your body that are holding painful memories and emotions. Developed by Dr. Dianna Quach, a licensed clinical psychologist, and certified yoga instructor, Yoga Mind® combines mindful, therapeutic exploration with gentle yoga poses designed to release emotional charge and process those painful memories stored in your body.

You don’t want to miss this! Join us the 3rd Sunday of every month at 6:30pm for this unique and transformative Yoga Mind® class.

Reserve your spot now. Limited to 10 people.

What to expect:

– Grounding meditation

– Psychological exploration

– Yoga Flow

– Integration time

– Sharing (optional)

What to bring:

– Yoga mat

– Journal/pen

Parking on the street. Please arrive on time.


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