Empowering Weekly Group

Are you having a hard time saying No, even when you know you should?

Do you work hard at making other people happy but end up feeling dissatisfied, unappreciated, and used? Are you concerned about how you make people feel? Have you been called “needy” or that you are “too much”?

How would you like to feel empowered?

How would you like to feel respected, loved, honored? To love with confidence, love yourself, and feel wanted?

This weekly group was designed for amazing women who are ready to regain their power and their voice through a journey of self-discovery and transformation.

In a just a few weeks you’ll learn how to love yourself back, how to respect and honor yourself, how to set boundaries and keep them, how to say No and mean it, how to empower yourself so no one takes advantage of you again, how to ask for what you need with assertiveness, and how to totally embrace the amazing being that you are.

Thank you for the classes! I learned so much more about myself! I had a lot of great insight that will help me stay on my path!

Are you ready to play big?

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