La Perla de La Jolla is a sacred space created to bring people together to learn, share, and celebrate in community.

Under the helm of Dr. Nancy De Andrade, founder and CEO, La Perla de La Jolla is developing  integrative and transformative programing to create community involvement, conscious sharing, and valuable education.

Dr. Nancy De Andrade

Dr. Nancy De Andrade has a PhD in Clinical Psychology and extensive training in Energy Psychology techniques as well as experience and education in a multitude of traditions and methodologies that bridge science and spirituality, the East and the West.

As La Perla continues to develop, we invite contributors to share their knowledge, wisdom, and expertise with the community and support the mission of inspiring, awakening, and educating students of life like you.

You are invited to participate in all of the events we offer, whether is a workshop, group, or certification training,  we have much to offer.

We look forward seeing you soon.

Dr. Nancy De Andrade

La Perla de La Jolla