Energy Healing

“God is the geometer of the world” hand in mudra pose with mala

Researching sacred geometry, we came upon this phrase and thought it perfectly expressed the Divine design of nature and beings on this earth.

The invisible energy in, and around us follows a pattern that tells us when things are harmonious or out of balance.

Quantum scientists have made huge discoveries about the energy that moves in ways invisible to the naked eye and this information helps us understand what we perceive as a hunch or in energy readings.

When energy is out of balance, Healing Touch, Reiki, or Pranic Healing are some of the most common modalities used to bring the body energy back in harmony.  The practice of healing with hands has been around for centuries and it is offered all over the globe, including at hospitals to help speed recovery, manage transitions smoothly, and many other benefits.

If you haven’t experienced it, we highly recommend it.

At La Perla de La Jolla we host Healing Touch and Reiki sessions (as well as Reiki trainings) for those interested.

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