What participants are saying…

“La Perla De La Jolla is the most incredible, holistic, spiritual wellness center that I have ever attended. Being a Reiki Master myself, energy is important aspect to feeling comfortable in an environment. I have never before entered a spiritual center that had such an absolute love centered intention and with the most enlightened and genuine spiritual leaders who are able to see right to the depths of your soul. I would recommend every class and or workshop, or making an appointment for specific needs. Thank you so much for creating a space where people like myself can be free. With all my love.”

“100% recomendado… Nancy y Sandra muy lindas personas, gracias por compartir con nosotros me encanto y lleno el alma, cerré mi 2017 con broche de oro! ”

“I went to the Winter Solstice workshop that Dr. Nancy and Sandra co-facilitated and the love and sense of community that I felt was very powerful. Both Nancy and Sandra have amazing energy and I am so glad that I went”

“I really loved Dr. Nancy and Sandra’s solstice celebration tonight. The energy was amazing and the sense of community was so comforting. Can’t wait to come back”

“Great location, wonderful team, Sandra and Nancy are amazing women and very professional on what they do. Thankful with both!”

“First workshop with Dr Nancy A and Sandra B and I loved it! I feel lighter, powerful, driven, focus, assertive, creative, determinate, healer, trust, at peace, connected, fulfill, complete, balance and much more to come in this new 2018”

“Thank you Nancy and Sandra for an AMAZING evening of personal growth and transformation. I’m ready to embrace 2018 with love, high energy and serenity.”